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frequently asked questions

  • When should I book my newborn session?

    • To secure a date for your newborn session, especially during a busy season, we recommend booking at least 3 months before your baby’s due date.  However, you can book a session at any time during your pregnancy!


  • Do you require a deposit?

    • Upon booking, we require a $100 deposit to secure the timeframe of your newborn’s photo session. The deposit is then deducted from the total cost of the session you choose.


  • When will we pick a date for my newborn session?

    • Since babies often arrive unpredictably, we don’t pick a definite date for your newborn session until after the baby arrives. When booking, we schedule for your due date or a tentative date, but then we ask you to contact us within 48 hours after birth so we can begin coordinating an exact date and time. At this time, newborn sessions are scheduled on weekends.


  • How should I prepare for my newborn session?

    • It is important to keep the space where we will be photographing your newborn warm, in order to keep your baby comfy. If possible, it’s best to feed your baby shortly before or upon our arrival to your home. That way, by the time we are finished setting up, your baby will be full and sleepy!


  • What is the best spot in my home for pictures?

    • We recommend picking a spot in your home with the most space. We may ask for a quick picture of your space to help us plan ahead on how we are going to set up for the session.


  • How long will my session take?

    • Our full session typically takes 3 to 4 hours, depending on the number of set-ups and your baby’s mood! Since we’re photographing around your newborn’s schedule, we allot plenty of time for feeding, changing, and soothing your baby.


  • What if my baby is fussy?

    • We will never rush through your newborn session, so if your baby is fussy, we will take our time to try to make your baby comfy. If we feel that we are unable to achieve a sufficient amount of poses, then we may try to reschedule the photo session.


  • What if my baby is older than 14 days?

    • Our newborn sessions can accommodate babies who are up to 30 days old; however, after 14 days, we may only offer wrapped poses, depending on the baby’s temperament. Older newborns become less squishy and more alert, so we may not be able to pose them the same way as a fresh newborn.


  • How far do you travel?

    • We are located in Ocean County, NJ and will travel throughout the state of New Jersey. We may require a travel fee for travel outside of Monmouth and Ocean counties, depending on the distance.

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